• Disbursing the ninth batch of cash assistance to the displaced in Hajjah Governorate

  • Cash transfers contribute to providing protection, assistance, and services to the most vulnerable. Cash helps displaced people meet a variety of needs, including access to food, water, health care, and shelter, allowing them to build and support livelihoods. In this context, Rawabi Al-Nahda Development Foundation has started disbursing the ninth batch of cash assistance to the displaced in Hajjah Governorate, funded by the #UNHCR within the protection and assistance project, shelter/non-food items support, camp management, and coordination services for the displaced and the host community in Yemen. For 2,260 displaced families through cash transfers from Al-Amal Microfinance Bank.

  • 12/22/2021


Rawabi Al-Nahda Developmental Foundation (RADF) is a non-governmental, voluntary, independent organization established on 27th November 2011, officially registered at the Ministry of Social Affairs as per license (579). RADF is a partner with many UN Agencies such as UNHCR, UNICEF, FAO, IOM, and UNDP and other international NGOs such as DRC, unified organization, Partner Aid international and partners Yemen and many other local NGOs.

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