• 4/19/2022

    Inauguration of the Ramadan food basket distribution for 30 families in Hajjah - Madinah Directorate

    “In the month of goodness, we dedicate ourselves to doing good.”

     We continue to extend a helping hand to IDPs families and the neediest during the holy month of Ramadan in the Madinah Directorate - Hajjah 

     Tuesday 4/19-2021

     Under the auspices of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Hajjah Branch, Rawabi Al-Nahda Developmental Foundation inaugurated the distribution of the Ramadan food basket for 70 beneficiary families from the IDPs families and the neediest, with funding from#YEMEN_RELIFEThis is part of the Foundation's activities and projects in the food security sector. Through this, it aims to improve the lives of affected communities by eliminating hunger, providing food security, improving nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture.

  • 1/19/2021

    Implementation of the initiative of paving the way of the sunnah - as a refinance

  • 1/12/2021

    Construction of 3 classes in the school of struggle - Abs

    The Yemen Partners Organization has completed its partnership with Rawabi Al Nahda Foundation and within the activities of the Al-Samoud Project in the rural areas of Yemen. The community cohesion component is a community initiative for the construction of 3 classrooms at Al-Kifah School, Abes Directorate on 2018/09/22. The implementation of the project has had a major impact on the solution of the conflict And the Directorate of Education in the Directorate, where their children were suffering from the difficulty of access to schools away from their area, but the Department of Education and the local council was able to build and arrived in this area and the initiative promoted the spirit of brotherhood and cooperation in society

  • 1/12/2021

    Conclusion of the emergency response and awareness-raising courses for the cholera epidemic

    Today, in the Hajjah, the special sessions of the social volunteers and the leaders of the RAI have concluded for more than 400 volunteers from the RAI leaders in the activities of the emergency response project for the cholera epidemic implemented by the Rawabi Al Nahda Development Foundation in the districts of Hajja, He mentioned that the project aims to carry out awareness visits to homes, awareness sessions, clean-up campaigns and religious sermons to reach awareness of the number of (150000) beneficiaries of women, men and children, equivalent to (15385) families during the project period

  • 1/12/2021

    Construction of water reservoirs for the well - as a feed

    As part of the activities of the Al-Samoud Project in the rural areas of Yemen, the community cohesion component of the community initiative was completed. The Yemen Partners Organization, in partnership with Rawabi Al-Nahda Foundation, completed the project of building water dams for Al-Sakabiya district as a recycling station. The project benefited 12,000 beneficiaries. The implementation of the project has had a significant impact on solving the problem of permanent well The initiative has fostered brotherhood and cooperation in society

  • 11/24/2021

    The activity of issuing the national identity for the displaced has resumed within the activities of the IDPs community center

    The activity of issuing the national identity for the displaced has resumed within the activities of the IDPs community center -Abs

    Wednesday 11/24-2021

    The Office of the Civil Status and Civil Registry Department Hajjah  

    Facilitating access to humanitarian aid begins with owning the national identity of the IDPs Within the activities of the IDPs community center -Abs funded by UNHCRThe Foundation has resumed the activity of issuing the national identity for 1,000 IDPs who do not have a national identity in the targeted districts in Hajjah Governorate.

  • 11/29/2021

    opening of the training course for women's sewing within the quick-impact projects in the IDPs Community Center - Abs

     Within the quick-impact projects in the IDPs Community Center - Abs, with funding from the UNHCR, the Rawabi Al-Nahda Developmental Foundation held a training workshop for women's sewing, which targets 20 trainees from displaced women and from vulnerable families to provide job opportunities and improve their standard of living.In the course opened by Al-Aqari, the director of the community center, he welcomed the trainees, stressing the commitment to attend and devote themselves to obtain full benefit to prepare while they have the ability to work and improve their level of income. Protection officer Abdul Basit  praised the role of the Commission in caring for the displaced, and such a project is the best guide, addressing the trainees. You have to be at the level of responsibility in order to be able to provide the daily income for your families. Nuwaihi added to the trainees that they do not hesitate to inquire and ask for help from the trainer so that the benefit will prevail. On the other hand, the trainees expressed their thanks and gratitude to the UNHCR and the RADF for holding this course and that they will return to their homes and families with benefit. The course lasts twenty days, and at the end of the course, sewing machines will be distributed to the trainees, along with some supplies necessary for practicing work.

  • 12/22/2021

    Disbursing the ninth batch of cash assistance to the displaced in Hajjah Governorate

    Cash transfers contribute to providing protection, assistance, and services to the most vulnerable. Cash helps displaced people meet a variety of needs, including access to food, water, health care, and shelter, allowing them to build and support livelihoods. In this context, Rawabi Al-Nahda Development Foundation has started disbursing the ninth batch of cash assistance to the displaced in Hajjah Governorate, funded by the #UNHCR within the protection and assistance project, shelter/non-food items support, camp management, and coordination services for the displaced and the host community in Yemen. For 2,260 displaced families through cash transfers from Al-Amal Microfinance Bank.

  • 11/17/2021

    Implementation of a project (supply and installation of bathrooms for IDPs families) In Hajjah Governorate - the districts of Abs + Mastaba for 580 families

    The primary criterion for our interventions is need 

     In Hajjah Governorate - Abs + Mastaba districtsIDPs people in the camps were suffering from the absence or almost absence of bathrooms, the reason that led to the spread of diseases and epidemics due to sewage waste in the open, which exacerbated the suffering on top of the suffering of displacement and the lack of livelihoods. 

     In partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, a project (supply and installation of bathrooms for displaced families) was implemented in Hajjah Governorate - the two districts of Abs + Mastaba 

     for 580 familiesOne of the projects for the maintenance and improvement of IDPs sites within the project of managing, coordinating and intervening in IDPs camps and host communities in Yemen funded by #UNHCR

     Through which we seek to improve, access and provide services in IDP hosting sites



Rawabi Al-Nahda Developmental Foundation (RADF) is a non-governmental, voluntary, independent organization established on 27th November 2011, officially registered at the Ministry of Social Affairs as per license (579). RADF is a partner with many UN Agencies such as UNHCR, UNICEF, FAO, IOM, and UNDP and other international NGOs such as DRC, unified organization, Partner Aid international and partners Yemen and many other local NGOs.

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