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A non-governmental, non-profit development civil society organization, established in 2011 , with Permit No. (579), issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in the Republic of Yemen, and in accordance with Law No. (1) of 2010 . The Foundation works in the field of emergency humanitarian response and in the areas of sustainable development. The Foundation seeks to contribute to social stability, promote recovery, advance society, and bring about positive change, to ensure a safe and prosperous future for future generations.

Values and Principles

Commitment - foundation - transparency - partnership - accountability - quality and development - professionalis


"To be a pioneer in emergency humanitarian work and in the field of sustainable development, economic empowerment and capacity building"


"Quality work, meeting emergency humanitarian needs, providing relief to those in need and those affected by wars and disasters, and striving to enhance the areas of sustainable development, economic empowerment and capacity building."


"Striving to achieve the sustainable development goals and advance the Yemeni society: 1. Participate in improving the humanitarian response mechanism to reach the largest number of beneficiaries and alleviate their suffering. 2. Seeking to improve the standard of living, educational and healthy of the poor, displaced and affected by war and disasters. 3. Adopting development projects that empower the community economically and enhance its cohesion and stability 4. Strengthening the institutional building of the RADF Foundation and building its capacities to enable it to quickly reach the beneficiaries and affected people, meet their needs and secure their lives 5. Strengthen partnership with donors to identify needs and increase funding. "

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