Camp Management and Camp Coordination

With the escalation of the conflict in Yemen, displacement has been the most serious manifestation of the humanitarian crisis, leaving behind displacement, poverty, deprivation and refuge in vulnerable locations that lack all services. There are more than 4.3 million internally displaced people, Yemen remained the fourth largest internal crisis for displacement globally. The exacerbation of the conflict has led to pre-existing food insecurity on a large scale. Humanitarian and development crises and resulted in major crises Damage to the economy, physical infrastructure, service delivery, and systems Health and education, such as the social fabric. While many of these are the direct effects of war, others due to conflict spillover effects, including food shortages and deteriorating living conditions are recognized as the world's worst humanitarian crisis over the past half decade. In light of the imperative of response and intervention, we are working to implement the camp management and coordination program in partnership with the UNHCR in the districts that fall under the scope of the Foundation's interventions, where the program aims to manage all sites that host the displaced and works to implement assistance and protection activities for them and monitor their needs in light of the agreed local and international laws and standards in order to improve the living conditions of the displaced and an integrated response to their needs in all sectors and enable them to exercise their basic rights to live in dignity.

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