According to UNICEF for the year 2021, more than two million school-age children are currently out of school in Yemen due to the conflict, while two-thirds of those working in teaching - that is, more than 170,000 teachers - have not received their regular salaries for four years. Education was also suspended in more than 2,500 schools by 2019, two-thirds of which were damaged by attacks, or became shelters for displaced people, and others were simply closed due to lack of resources and the inability to pay salaries and costs, according to the United Nations. While more than 523,000 displaced school-age children suffer from difficulty enrolling in education because there is not enough space in the classrooms, schools have been damaged or have been used by the warring parties. Since our establishment, we have been working with self-initiatives and with local and international partners to ensure the continuity of education and enhance the educational environment in the most affected areas by building alternative schools, distributing the school curriculum and school bags, as well as providing uniforms and educational supplies.

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